You Can Have My Animals. No Really, Please Take Them.

If you google “resenting pets after baby,” you’ll find there a lot of parents who get sick of their pets soon after baby arrives. While I originally felt guilty for feeling this way, I was glad to know others felt the same way.

We have always had high-energy animals, and sometimes they get pretty obnoxious. However, I always adored my kitties no matter what they did. They were my world. I would snuggle with them, dress them up, and take pictures with them. My dog, on the other hand, has always driven me insane. While I always liked him, his energetic personality never allowed me to fully embrace the dog love some people experience. Now, all three of our pets make me angry and drive me insane on a day-to-day basis.

Before the baby my cats would misbehave, but not as much as they do now. Important papers shredded, poop smeared on the carpet from dragging their butt, attacking my leg as I go upstairs, and pawing at the door in the morning and howling like a banshee are only a few of the obnoxious things they do. I can’t stand it! If I knew someone would adopt them, I might actually think about getting rid of them. However, I’m sure no one would take them willingly. The first cat we got is a beast, and that is an understatement. He is very smart, but too smart for his own good. He only likes those of us who live in the house, and sometimes not even that. If ANYONE comes over, he gets into attack mode and will bite and hiss at those who go near him. He is truly an animal. The other cat is the sweetest little lady around, but is super mischievous. She also has extremely long hair that gets huge knots. We came home a few weeks ago to a house covered in poop streaks. She got poop stuck on her butt and went through the entire house smearing her crap all over. That was almost my last straw. Poop on the carpet, poop on the hardwood floor, poop on the table, and poop on my son’s blanket! Poop everywhere. I’m still livid about it. In addition to pooping, she pukes up her cat food all over the house almost daily. She eats too much too fast and it backfires. Both cats gross me out. The germs they have disgust me. They get cat litter everywhere and I’m afraid my son will eat it once he starts crawling. Before the baby, I had no problems kissing and hugging those two creatures. Now, if I so much as lay a finger on one, I go right to the sink to wash up.

As for my dog, he’s always been rambunctious and annoying. I was a cat person. Drooling dogs didn’t appeal to me before baby nor after. He was super cute as a puppy, which is how we ended up with him. But now, he just drives us all crazy. He has a great personality, but man…does he have energy. If it were just a matter of too much energy, we could handle it. He doesn’t listen, though. He jumps up on people like a crazy dog because he is so excited. It’s extremely frustrating.

If you haven’t read other parents annoying pet stories, you’re probably thinking I’m a bad owner. I’m really not. I will let you know that they are not neglected and still do get some love from us. My son sure loves watching them already, and he’s only 7 months old. I’m sure he will be their new best friend in no time. They just need to wait a little bit longer before they’ll be running for cover. I’m not sure how my feelings drastically changed so much in so little time. It’s quite odd to me. I wish I still loved them as much as before, but I just can’t do it. All that love goes to my son. Most days I think I would like to get rid of the zoo we have here, but in reality I would sad if they were all gone. I’ve had many memories with those animals, and I know deep down I still do love them. It’s just my maternal instincts kicking in trying to protect my son from danger and germs. Maybe in the future, when my son is older, my feelings will return to the way they were. Until then, I’m going to need some wine to get me through to that day! Living in a zoo is exhausting, but it’s my life…and I love it.

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