Universal Studios Orlando: Not Nursing Friendly

We just got back from our Orlando vacation, and we had a wonderful time exploring Universal Studios. The park, itself, was great. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was wonderful! The friendliness of nursing? Almost nonexistent.

If it wasn’t for all the nooks and crannies in the faux alleyways in the park, nursing and diaper changes would have been extremely hard. The nursing room at Universal Studios Orlando was HORRENDOUS! As I wanted to get in and out as quickly as possible, I forgot to take a picture to capture the unsanitary conditions inside.

First of all, with a park that big there was only one place to go at the entrance of the park. I’m sure there is money that could be spent to fix it up. There were two families inside including us, and we could barely move. There were two folding chairs, a bigger, padded chair, a microwave, an iPod dock (why?), and a small, dirty table. Nothing was clean and it looked like it hadn’t been cleaned or remodeled in years. Many, many years. I felt gross just stepping foot in there. Both clocks had the wrong times–off by over an hour or two. It’s sad, because otherwise, the park was great for babies. I had my son in a front carrier and we were able to find nooks and crannies in the fake alleys to get him to sleep while in the carrier. Other times, he just dozed off on his own. I am very disappointed in the nursing room. I’ve heard that Disney has much more extravagant areas for moms to change and nurse babies. If Universal wants to keep up with Disney, I’d suggest upgrading and expanding the nursing facility.

Although I highly suggest visiting Universal for the attractions, I find it sad that they don’t have better areas for small children. We didn’t ride any of the coasters and still had an amazing time. It would have been even better, though, if the nursing facility had been up to par.

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