This IS The Baby I Dreamt Of: High-Needs Baby

Let’s just get to the point. I have a high-needs child. Did I think I would have a “normal” textbook baby? Actually, no, I did not. As a high-needs or spirited child, myself, I was prepared for what was to come.

Lately, I have been reading many articles on other moms who are raising high-needs kids. I feel their pain, but I mostly just laugh to myself when I read their experiences. They are always so eerily similar to mine. However, most of them have some sort of regret or prior wish that they wanted a “normal” baby. Normal babies are no fun. You signed up for motherhood, why not make it challenging and extra rewarding?

While I somehow knew I would have a high-needs child, I was not prepared for all the ‘fun activities’ that came with it. These include but are definitely¬†not limited to: walking around the house with my son in a carrier for ALL his naps, being always on the go for needed stimulation, and performing a hypnotizing motion with my hands to get him to sleep on car rides. Yes, I am just as tired as the other high-needs mamas, but I had some more mental preparation as a high-needs child, myself.

While some days I would like to see what it’s like to have a clean house, be able to nap when my baby sleeps, and not have to run around constantly. Honestly, though, I¬†wouldn’t change our experience for anything. It’s been rough on many days, but the the majority of the moments are so rewarding. I love my little genius and I can’t wait to see the big things he will do.



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