Product Review: nutpods

While I don’t drink coffee since I am still breastfeeding, I do love tea and frothy, coconut milk beverages. The dairy and soy-free half-and-half alternative, nutpods, has been a nice addition to my favorite beverages. It can even be used in other recipes, such as french toast (see picture at end of post).

These non-gmo and Whole30 approved nutpods come in three different flavors: Hazelnut, Original, and French Vanilla. As a former latte drinker, I fell in love with the French Vanilla. I like to add it to my tea or make my own coconut milk steamer at home. The ingredients in nutpods are very simple. They contain half almond and half coconut and are very creamy. There are no artificial colors, preservatives, or added sweeteners. I do wish there was a little more vanilla flavor in the French Vanilla, but I can’t complain. The tradeoff for a little less flavor due to no added sugars is completely worth it. Not to mention, it is much healthier! Check out nutpods for yourself, at

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