Product Review: Chomps


I am a jerky girl…have been and always will be. I guess that’s what being raised in the Midwest will do to a person. Anyways, I was so excited to try Chomps jerky sticks. It made my day seeing those beautiful guys sitting in my mailbox. It’s hard to find a good jerky that is free of preservatives and extra unnecessary ingredients, but Chomps are. I had to try one right away, and man were they tasty! I received 10 sticks in the mail last week, and I finished all of them throughout the weekend. (I did share two with my husband, and he really enjoyed them, as well.) I thought that every flavor was AMAZING. I found that they had a better snap and texture to them if you chilled them in the refrigerator first. The flavor was just right, too. It wasn’t over powering and gave the sticks just enough flavor to make them not taste so meaty. A perfect jerky stick, in my opinion. For all you foodies out there, they are 100% grass-fed, paleo, and Whole30 approved.

Here are the awesome flavors I tried:


Hoppin’ Jalepeno

Crankin’ Cran


Kickin’ Chicken (My Favorite)

You can purchase online at:


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