Product Review: Bio-Kinetics Baby Cereal

As a mom of a one year old, I’m always concerned my son isn’t getting the proper nutrition. He still breastfeeds, but his consumption of healthy solids is always on my mind. I strive to find organic, non-gmo foods whenever possible. It was a challenge finding a healthy baby cereal that I felt comfortable feeding my son. I came across Bio-Kinetics and am so thankful I did! They are organic, non-gmo, and best of all…my son loves them!

Check out the cereals they have below:

“Bio-Kinetics Baby Cereals are made entirely from sprouted grains, dried and preserved at the exponential growth phase…” and [are] packed with expressed nutrients, enzymes, FOS and MOS plus the natural benevolent flora (Bio-Kinetics)”

Brown Rice






These cereals give my son the perfect amount of nutrients he needs. Check out a label from the Buckwheat variety.

i highly recommend these baby cereals to moms looking for a nutritious food for their child. You can purchase their cereals and more at

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