Product Review: 88 Acres Bars

88 Acres bars are the perfect snack if you are looking for something hearty and healthy. I love that they are dense, so I feel like I actually ate something. Even though they are dense, they are not too crunchy or too hard. They are just right. Made with a mix of seeds and dried fruits, the bars are handcrafted in a dedicated bakery free of peanuts, tree nuts, gluten, dairy, eggs and soy.

The Apple and Ginger and the Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt are my favorites. I am a ginger beer snob, so the Apple and Ginger is right up my alley. I love how you can taste the little pieces of ginger. They are big enough to taste, but small enough to not overpower the apple flavor. The Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt, on the other hand, tastes just like an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. It is absolutely incredible. I could eat these for days. 88 Acres bars are something I will continue to keep in my stash of healthy purse items for on-the-go.

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