Parenting As A Team

Parenting is hard work – one of the hardest jobs on the planet. Lucky for me, I have a husband who is always willing to step in and pull his weight with the team. The little things he does like cleaning the cat box, making supper every night, and stepping in for a nighttime diaper change make my life as a stay-at-home mom much easier.

Stay-at-home moms in the media are portrayed to be goddesses. They take care of multiple children, clean the floors, do the laundry, cook homemade meals, dust every inch of the house, and even shower before their husband comes home everyday. While I know there are some moms out there who do this, I’m lucky enough to just keep my child alive and happy day-to-day. Even the shower doesn’t come easy to me. Life with a 5-month-old is a lot tougher than I imagined. Without the help of my husband, I don’t think I could handle it by myself.

To all the single moms (or dads) out there, I have no idea how you manage. You are my hero. Life is very tough with kids and having someone to help out is a life saver. You go mama (or daddy)!

While the other ‘team player’ may not be a spouse, it could be a mother, brother, grandma, or cousin. It doesn’t matter who it is, but having that extra person around sure makes your life easier.

I knew I loved a lot my husband before kids, but the feelings I have for him now are multiplied by even more love. His strength to put up with me during the emotional break-downs, the hangry episodes, and day-to-day activities is amazing. I love our little family team and can’t wait to see how our parenting evolves as my son continues to grow.

My hope for all you mamas and daddys out there is to find someone to team up with. Parenting is hard work, and you deserve some help once and a while. If you have someone on your ‘team’ already, thank them. They are doing a lot more for you than you may know.

Leave me a comment below about your parenting team. What types of things do you enjoy most about the partnership you have? Who is your ‘team’ member? How have your parenting team evolved?

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