No More Helmet: Our Finale With The Doc Band

Tuesday marked our son’s graduation from his Doc Band. We are so happy he is done, but now we have to be extra vigilant about him banging his head on things! He is rolling everywhere and I’m sure he will start to crawl soon. The helmet, although not made for this reason, gave an extra layer of protection. After two months with it, it became just a part of him. Don’t get me wrong, we are so glad to have it off, but as a mom I worry about even the little bumps and bruises.

Coming into this process, I was hesitant. I had it in my mind that he didn’t need it and it would just be an extra burden. Boy, was I wrong. After initially seeing that little man’s plagiocephaly measurements were in the severe range and his facial asymmetry was off, I agreed to the band. A few weeks in, we saw HUGE improvements. It was at this point, I was glad we opted for the, extremely expensive but necessary, Doc Band.

Now, after 7 weeks in the band. My son’s plagiocephaly numbers are in the mold to moderate range and his asymmetry is 1 off from normal. If he were brought into a Doc Band consolation with these numbers, they wouldn’t even suggest he go forth with treatment. While Cranial Technologies did offer the option of another band, we declined. At first, I felt like a bad mom not getting him the second one. After thinking it over, I still feel a bit guilty, but I don’t know how much would change. Like I said before, if he were brought in with his final numbers, he wouldn’t need treatment, so why bother him with this device for another 2-4 months? Our insurance didn’t cover the first one, so the second would also be out-of-pocket. While I would absolutely get him another band no matter what the price if I felt it was necessary for a good life, we believe he will be just fine as he is.

I am very thankful for what Cranial Tech was able to do for our son; however, I love being able to cuddle with his cute, blond head again. I sure missed it! To any parent wondering if they should go forth with treatment in the Doc Band…do it. You’ll be very pleased with the results. I know we were!

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