“My mother had not had a hot meal in 15 years…”

“My mother had not had a hot meal in 15 years…” This quote from The Christmas Story pretty much sums it all up. As many times as I watched that movie throughout the years, I didn’t know it was so true until I became a mom. As I write this, my family is upstairs enjoying their Christmas dinner, while I walk around in the Ergo Baby Carrier, listening to a vacuum on YouTube, trying to get him to nap. Merry Christmas to me!…In all honesty, however, it is worth it. This truly has been the best Christmas ever. I love seeing my son smile up at me. He is the most precious gift I could ask for. If that means giving up hot meals for the next 15 plus years, so be it. I hope everyone is having a happy holiday and enjoying the company. Merry Christmas, and I hope all you moms get a hot meal at some point throughout this holiday season!

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