My Head Is Changing Already!

Yesterday, we made an unexpected trip back to Cranial Technologies. While I wasn’t happy we had to drive an hour and 20 minutes back there after just getting the band on Tuesday, it was for a good reason. Little man’s head was already beginning to change for the better! His head shifted a couple of millimeters in less than 2 days. I was amazed! How did we know to go back? Well, I had been watching his head for red marks every 3-4 hours. We would take off the band and check for these marks. On Day 2, I noticed his eyes were being squished and there were big red marks on his forehead that didn’t go away after an hour. I called up our friends at Cranial Tech, and they suggested we come in. I was hoping it wouldn’t be a wasted trip because I was just overreacting to the marks. When they told me his head had moved already, I was stunned. I could even tell by looking at it. If his head keeps growing at this rate, we may be on a 5 day appointment schedule. While it’s not ideal for the drive, I’m very excited that his head is already progressing. To any doubters of the Doc Band or other like helmets/bands, it really works. If you don’t believe me, continue to follow our journey and hopefully you can see for yourself!

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