Mastitis, The Grinch of Breastfeeding


Mastitis. That word makes me cringe. To any mom who has had blocked ducts that took a turn for the worse, I feel your pain! When my son was two weeks old, I woke up with a painful breast, a pounding headache, body aches, chills, and hot flashes like no other. My fever was 102. It was hell. After a round of antibiotics, I felt much better. As much as I hated my son to have antibiotics in his system, I knew it’s what I needed to get better. A few weeks later, I felt the same thing coming on. I immediately called my midwife to get a prescription just in case I needed it. I tried natural remedies like garlic, hot compresses, and apple cider vinegar. It didn’t work. I had to break down and take the darn meds. Once again, I felt better after the antibiotics. This week, I woke up with yet another painful breast. Mastitis again? Yep. I felt all the symptoms coming on again. This time, I was able to massage the breast and use warm compresses to get some relief. I rested up and the next morning I was feeling better. I thought I had overcome the nasty sickness without antibiotics. Well, two days later I woke up with pain in the other breast! I thought, “How can this be?” Once again, the fever and body aches continued to rear their ugly heads throughout the day. This time, the fever was getting worse and I thought I may need antibiotics again. I waited it out until the morning and hallelujah, I was feeling better! I’ve learned to try to kick mastitis in the butt before it overcomes your entire body. I make sure to use warm compresses and massage the tissue right away and often. I even listened to DNA healing mediation frequencies, because hey, it couldn’t hurt! Who knows, it may have helped! Now, to the mom’s dealing with mastitis…hang in there and fight that baby off! Breast is best, even though there can be many struggles throughout the way. The journey of breastfeeding has not in any way, been easy for me. I won’t give up! I am 4 months in and will be trying to hold out to 12 months! Mastitis can kiss my butt! I am not going to let it stop me from nourishing my son.

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