Look Ma, No Helmet…Well, Almost

We got exciting news yesterday after little man’s Week 3 appointment at Cranial Tech. His head grew even more and he could be out of the helmet in 3 more weeks! That is so crazy, seeing as they estimated his severe plagiocephaly to take 8-12 weeks to correct. Only 6 weeks in the helmet would be awesome.

I do have a few reservations about it taking such a short time.

1. Will he need another helmet if he grows out of this one at 6 weeks into treatment? The tech at CT said it is unlikely he will need a second band, but we won’t know for sure until they retake his measurements. I think his head looks great already, but only the measurements will tell.

2. ¬†Will his head be in jeopardy of returning to the pre-treatment state? I know there’s a possibility, since we can’t avoid car seats and he still likes to sleep on his side. I’m worried we won’t be able to stop it from reoccurring if his treatment is done in only 6 weeks.

While I am glad his head is progressing, the above reservations make me a bit nervous. I’m trusting the process, and hopefully everything will work out as planned!

Side note: We started co-sleeping due to my son’s lack of sleep in his crib. We LOVE it. I have never felt so refreshed. Plus, I woke up this morning to a happy baby reaching out for my face instead of crying for me to come get him. I know some think it may not be the greatest habit to get into, but I’m an attached, crunchy parent so what the heck. If I like sleeping with my son in our bed and it works, then I’m going to do it.



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