Life’s Little Pleasures

I am thankful for so many things in my life. I have a beautiful family and great friends. I thought I’d make a list of some other things that make life great. Yes, some may be silly but they are life’s little pleasures!

1. Baby belly laughs – I just got done with a laugh session between my son and I. I sure love his giggles!

2. Hot tea РThere is just something soothing about drinking tea.

3. A worn out vintage tee – I could live in these guys.

4. Leggings – Because you can’t have a vintage tee without ’em.

5. Running in the rain – I’m not sure why, but I’ve always enjoyed running in the rain. It’s very freeing.

6. Sweatshirt weather – Spring and Fall temps in the Midwest are my ideal weather. Perfect for enjoying the great outdoors.

7. Hiking – I don’t get out on enough hikes, but I really do enjoy seeing nature and getting exercise.

8. Exercise in most forms – I can’t say I’ve met a workout I didn’t enjoy. I didn’t say I enjoyed it at the time…but I always feel great afterwards.

9. A good gluten-free cupcake or bagel – I am a foodie. It’s hard to find good gluten-free options. My absolute favorite bagel was from a bakery at Disney Springs. I’ll always crave that one when I think of bagels.

10. The feeling after running a race – I guess this goes with exercise, but it really seems like it should have its own category.

11. Episodes of The Middle РDid they write that show about my family and childhood? Cracks me up every time.

I’m sure there are many other things I could add to this list. For now, I’ll leave it at 11. As my son grows, I know more will be added.

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