Just Do You

This morning I was thinking to myself how many times I’ve had people comment or ask specifics on my parenting techniques. Things like, “How long are you breastfeeding,” or “All his naps are in a carrier?” or my favorite, “Is he sleeping through the night?” With all of these, they are looking for a specific answer. If it’s not the answer they are thinking in their head, I usually get an “oh” or some unsolicited parenting advice which makes me cringe.

This afternoon, I opened my blog email update from Pam Grout. If you haven’t heard of her definitely check her out. She’s the author of some of my favorite books about the Law of Attraction and the Universe. Her email talked about what “they” say. “They” say you should avoid gluten and sugar. “They” say you should follow the rules. Her advice to those dealing with what “they” say was perfect: “The┬áreal question is what do you say, what do you believe, what do you want to be true?”

I love her attitude and plan to follow her advice whether it be for strangers that ask me about my son’s habits, what the internet says is how a normal baby should sleep, or about my plans for breastfeeding. I don’t care what “they” say. I’m going to do what works for me and my son and ignore the rest.

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