How to Workout AND Get Baby to Nap

If your baby won’t nap alone during the day and you feel like you can’t workout, I’ve got you covered. My son is almost 4 months old and still has trouble napping alone during the day. I’ve found a few tricks that allow me to get my workout in while he naps.

My son LOVES his baby carriers. They keep him snuggled up, which provides him with warmth and comfort. I prefer the Moby Wrap and the Ergo Baby Original. If my son is being extra fussy or I need more room to move my limbs, I use the Moby Wrap. It keeps him tighter on my body. If he wants to look around for a little bit before he falls asleep or we are going for a long walk, I strap in the Ergobaby. Both work great! Here are some suggested workouts for each carrier.

Moby Wrap:
Elliptical or treadmill walk
Walk outside/around the house
Lunges and squats

Ergo Baby:
Walk outside/around the house
Treadmill walk

You can also get creative and do calf raises or lower body exercises while using the carrier. Many standing yoga poses work well, too.

If your baby loves movement but you don’t have a carrier available, you can strap them into the stroller and go for a walk or run. I even do this in my house. If my son is fussy, I put him in his stroller and push him back and forth to my favorite music at a good pace. I get a good workout, as I mix in some leg squats and arm exercises. We have hardwood floors and an open area, so it is pretty easy to do. If you have carpet, it may not work so well.

My advice is to just be creative. I used to workout strictly by going to the gym. Now that I can’t find time to get there, I take advantage of the outdoors. I try to be as creative as possible to make sure my son gets his naps and I get my workouts. You’d be surprised at how much you can work your legs by working out with an extra 10-20 pounds on your body. If you have any creative workouts for baby nap time (or any time with baby) let me know in the comments!

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