Healthy Fast Food Options

When we would travel during pregnancy and breastfeeding,  I would have very limited items I could eat. Here are some of my go-to travel meals. I also made sure I would bring lots of snacks in case my meal wasn’t satisfying enough for my big appetite!

Kwik Trip (Gas Station) – Hard boiled eggs, string cheese, apple juice, dill pickle chips, bananas
BP – Zico Coconut Water (They have many different flavors and brands, but I only enjoy Zico plain.)
McDonalds – Southwest Chicken Salad with no tortilla strips and sub dressing for mustard packets. (Gluten free when you ask them to leave off tortilla strips.)
Culver’s – Grilled chicken on a gluten free Udi’s bun
Subway – Veggie salad with vinegar and oil or mustard for dressing
Panera Bread – Any of their salads are pretty safe options. I always use my own dressing or mustard packets since they often use soybean oil or other items I don’t eat in their dressing.

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