First Full Week In The Doc Band

It’s been a whole week in the Doc Band for my son. We have already seen enormous improvements. I believe this is partially due to the fact that he has been growing like a weed the past week. He hasn’t had a big growth spurt since around 2-3 months. He hit his first growth spurt very early, so I think it moved his 4 month spurt to 5 months, instead.

During the week with his band we had three appointments–He needed two adjustments. He’s doing well with the band, but his sleep is still in regression mode. I’m hoping that it’s due to the growth spurt and not a permanent change. Going back to the nights of 12 hours of sleep would be heaven, but I’d even settle for 4-6 uninterrupted hours at this point.

His adjustment yesterday was very quick. We were in and out of there in under 10 minutes. It stinks that the drive totals 2.5 hours both ways for such a short appointment, but it’s definitely worth it. Since my little dude was having some redness over his right eye, the guy at Cranial Tech cut out a relief And filled it with moleskin. It seemed to be better after one nights sleep with the relief. I’m hoping he continues to grow and his head just keeps on moving in the right direction!

Side Note: His last physical therapy appointment is tomorrow. Hooray! We are also getting his band decorated on Friday! Pictures to come.

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