Doc Band Update: Week Three

Week 3 in the Doc Band has come and gone already. Time is flying by! My son was expected to be in the band for 8-12 weeks but his head is still growing at a very fast rate. We are very pleased with this. He is still projected to be done with treatment in 2 weeks. Hooray! The tech said if we can squeeze any more weeks out of the band and are on board with this, we are welcome to do so. This would just ensure his head returns to the best shape possible. He started treatment with a circumference of 41 cm, and yesterday he was just short of 44 cm at 43.9. No wonder why he has been fussy lately! All that growing, plus we noticed his bottom teeth finally popped through the gums. He is going through Wonder Week 26 at this time, too! Little man has a lot going on! I’m glad everything has been progressing so well. More updates to come!

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