Doc Band Update Week 1

My son has now been in his Doc Band for four days, with two of them being partial days. We have already noticed improvements! During this time we had two appointments, since my son’s head grew from his initial adjustment. Over the weekend we noticed some more red spots that didn’t go away in an hour. We’ve been working with our Cranial Tech orthotist over the weekend to resolve these issues. Initially, they thought he may need to be refitted for a whole new helmet. After speaking to his GM, they believe his problem will be resolved with some relief cut out in that area. It worries me that too much will be shaved off and his helmet won’t be as successful at reshaping his head or he will outgrow it too fast. We go back Tuesday to get his new adjustments done. Because of the weekend Doc Band chaos, we cancelled our graphics installment. Unfortunately we need to wait another week before we can get it put on. Oh well. At least my son’s head is looking better!

Side Note: We just returned home from the store and we had our first comment about his band. A lady came up to me and said her granddaughter just got her Doc Band off and it helped tremendously in the eight short weeks she had it. I was glad to hear this news!

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