Doc Band Imaging

On Monday, my son had his imaging done at Cranial Technologies. Since my husband was gone for work, my mom came down to help me get him to his appointment. Cranial Tech is an hour and a half away, so I needed all the help I could get.

When we got there, we had to do a quick car feeding and diaper change for a blow out. Of course he couldn’t make it easy on us. After that, we filled out a financial form and he was in for pictures. The tech put a nylon face mask over my son’s head so they could take the images. He smiled through the entire thing. I’m not sure how, because the mask looked tight and uncomfortable. I’m lucky that my son has a great personality, even in times like that.

Once the images were done, we were free to go. Our next appointment is next week, where his band will be fitted to his head. While I am still a little sad he has to have the band, I know it is best for him. I’ll get my baby snuggles in even with the band invading our cuddle space! That won’t stop me.

I did want to touch on how great the staff at Cranial Technologies is. Some people felt like Cranial Tech was like a used car salesman. I did not get that impression at all. They were all extremely nice and very helpful. I would highly recommend their services from our journey already. We will see if they continue to satisfy both our requirements and our son’s needs once the band is on.

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