Breastmilk Jewelry: MilkMemories

After 5 months of successful, yet challenging breastfeeding, I decided to do something to commemorate the milestone. I sent in some breastmilk to create a keepsake DNA piece. My choice of design was breastmilk beads. I used a mama-run company, MilkMemories, out of Arizona. I was very happy with my final piece.

Upon receiving my inclusions, I was extremely impressed. It was packaged so cute and it made my day to receive it! The quality and worksmanship of the beads was beyond my expectations. I am absolutely in love with my beads for both what it stands for and how adorable they are. I couldn’t be happier with my choice of company. I may even have to order a ring or two in the future, as MilkMemories has a wide variety of options. Not only do they do breastmilk inclusions, but also placenta, ashes, hair, and more! I went with a standard color, to most closely resemble my milk; however, they allow you to choose almost any color and can also add flecks of shimmer if you want to add some flair.

Thank you MilkMemories for my beautiful creation! I couldn’t be happier.

If you want to check out their designs, go to


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