Attachment Parenting

We just got back from a visit to our pediatrician for the dreaded 4 month shots. (I’m not sure how I truly feel about vaccines yet, but that’s a whole other topic. For now, I am comfortable vaccinating my son.) After the visit, I had a somberĀ feeling about the way I am raising my son. Currently, I respond to his every need. I believe that he deserves a loving, caring, nurturer to give him comfort when he cries. This means babywearing for most of his daytime naps. I love the comfort it provides him, even though I have not been able to accomplish anything around the house lately. This tradeoff is okay in my book. However, my pediatrician has different views. He is more in favor of the cry it out method, which I just can’t bring myself to try. I love my son more than anything, and the thought of letting him cry when he just wants love disturbs me greatly. I, like actor Mayim Bialik describes, became an advocate of attachment parenting by accident. Nurturing my son is my highest priority, so I will delay housework for a yet a little bit longer.

Here are some of my favorite attachment parenting quotes. Most have the source in the picture, but if I am using yours please feel free to comment so I can give you credit!

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