A Lesson on Materialism

While I am still a little bit bitter, I learned an important lesson today about materialism. Since my son was born, I’ve been wanting a more simplistic lifestyle. With so many new baby clothes and toys coming into our house, I found it was time for us to get rid of stuff we don’t use. I just feel so much happier is a clean, uncluttered home. While packing for our move last year, I was sick about how much stuff we had accumulated. I thought we weeded a lot of it out at that point, but after looking around at the piles of stuff, we hadn’t even made a dent. After today especially, I know it’s time for a major clean out.

I had been waiting three weeks to get an appointment at a local resale shop like Plato’s Closet. I had a huge basket of clothes to sell full with brands like Victoria’s Secret, Kardashian Kollection, and American Eagle. I was so excited to have some money to buy items for my son for vacation. I was picturing a cash payout of $100 or more because my stuff was like new and I had a lot. When they called my name for my total, I was in shock. $18 measly dollars. They took every expensive item I had and that’s all I was getting? I was too much in shock to say anything or take back any of my items. Included in what they kept was my $80 rehearsal dinner dress and a $40 Victoria’s Secret tote with the tags still on. I had not used any of these items in 2 years, but they were all very much still in style. I had read on a zen blog that one should rid their closets of clothes clutter if they hadn’t worn the item in 1-2 years. So that was what I did. I was just expecting to be paid a heck of a lot more for it.

I went on throughout my day sulking because I had “lost” all these items that I honestly didn’t even remember I had until I looked in the back of my closet. While the $80 dress was dear to my heart because I wore it for our wedding weekend, I couldn’t see myself donning it ever again after becoming a mom. It was neon salmon and very revealing for motherhood. Not to mention we never go out…And if we did, it would be no where where that dress would be deemed appropriate. This is when I had a little chat with my inner self. Why was I so upset about these items I never wore? Yes, money was part of it, but I would have just been donating them to charity for free otherwise? It dawned on me how materialistic I still was. I have a beautiful family and no item of clothing could take that away from me. I wear yoga pants and tshirts all day long. I don’t need the shirts that just don’t look right or the pants that make me feel fat no matter what the price tag was. If I don’t wear them and they don’t make me feel good, why keep the clutter around? I vow to rid myself of all items like this. While I’m sure some ridiculous items will still remain, I plan to simplify my life most of the clutter I don’t use. I feel so much happier in a room that doesn’t have things piled up or a counter that is completely clean. I’m starting this new road to simplicity because of how I reacted today. While I said I’m still a bit bitter, I know it’s the push I needed to simplify and be less materialistic and live more for the moments that make life great.

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