7 Things I Love About Being a Mom


1. Baby hands – They have the most adorable little fingers! When my son grabs onto me with his hand, my heart skips a beat.

2. Love – Before my son, I never knew how much love I could have for such a little person. He is my world.

3. Baby laughs – How can you not smile when you hear a baby’s belly laugh?

4. Responsibility – There is something special about knowing their life is in your hands. It’s scary, but at the same time it gives me purpose in life. I know he was put on this earth to help me grow.

5. Adventure – Everyday is a new adventure with a baby. Some days it’s hard, but it is so much fun being a parent. Watching your child grow up is an amazing feeling, although it’s also sad to see how fast time flies.

6. Teamwork – Having a baby has made my husband and I evolve. Each day we work as a team to raise our little human as best as we can.

7. Baby feet – How can I mention baby hands and not their chubby little feet?

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