7 Things I Learned About Myself After Becoming A Parent

1. I never knew how much love I could have for something until I met my son. I loved him throughout pregnancy, but once I held him in my arms My love grew immensely.

2. Patience is still something I need work on. Being a parent means a lot of patience is needed. While I have gotten much better in this realm, there is still work to be done.

3. Bodily fluids no longer bother me. Poop and puke? No problem. I can handle being covered in it from head to toe…not that I enjoy it, of course.

4. I am completely fine with putting someone else first. I actually enjoy it. I was always one to put my needs first. Hunger, exercise, clothes, etc. Now, I love putting the needs of my little one before me. It feels good to be needed.

5. I can go days without a shower. And not mind. However, using Amy Schumer’s reference, I look like Beetlejuice and it’s not pretty.

6. New clothes are no longer needed for myself. Why buy new outfits all the time if they are just going to get puked on? The old ones will do.

7. I am not good at keeping up with housework. There are piles upon piles in my kitchen and living room. These, however, can wait. I’m too busy making memories to clean.

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