5 Pregnancy Must-Haves


1. Target maternity clothes – By far the best maternity clothes I found and at a great price. They work great for work or for casual wear.

(Image from Target.com)

2. Preggie Pops – So Delicious! If you have morning sickness or just have a sweet tooth, these candies are perfect for you. You can find them in-stores, like GNC or Walgreens, or on their website here.

(Image from GNC.com)

3. Comfy shoes – My feet didn’t swell up until the last month or so, but when they did they were painful to cram into my work shoes. I ended up investing in some Crocs to make my feet feel better. While they may not be the most stylish, they have some pretty cute work options.

4. Kleenex – You never know when a wave of emotion will come over you…I found myself crying at the most random things. An unused frozen pizza being thrown away in a commercial? Yep, I cried. Why? Because I thought it was sad he never got to be loved….Pregnancy will mess with your head!

5. Pregnancy Journal – I loved writing about what my little one was doing each week and how I was feeling. It will be interesting to look back on for the next baby.

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