Healthy Snacks For Pregnancy and Breastfeeding (Or Any Time!)

1. Dried fruit – Raisins, apples, prunes, dates, apricots.

2.  Almonds and nut butter – Good source of protein. Buff Bake has protein spreads in many flavors such as snickerdoodle, cake batter, red velvet, and more!

3. Most fruits – Apples and bananas are easy to grab on the go. Citrus fruits are said to make a breastfed baby fussier, but I don’t know how truthful this statement is.

4. Sweet potatoes – Can microwave and place in fridge to reheat more quickly

5. Veggies – Pea pods and carrots are easy options

6. Larabars – My all time favorite healthy protein bar. No artificial ingredients!

7. Lacroix Water – Helps keep you hydrated and there are so many wonderful flavors to choose from!

8. Cheese – Cheese is a good source of calcium, which is essential during pregnancy and breastfeeding. I gave up dairy during breastfeeding due to issues with my baby having green stool. Going without dairy was really hard!

9. Pressed by Kind – Great fruit and veggie bar with no artificial anything. Contains just a mix of different fruits and veggies. I liked the apricot, pear, apple, carrot, and beet variety. You can taste the beet flavor quite a bit, so if beets are not your thing you may not enjoy this one. They do have other flavors, though!

10. Brown rice – Great for producing more breastmilk. (Not good for oversupply.)

11. Quinoa – Good hot by itself or cold on salads

12. Oatmeal – Try it with some raisins and maple syrup.

13.  Coconut WaterZico brand is my personal favorite.

For The Sweet Tooth

1. Enjoy Life Chocolate – Top 8 allergen free and tastes amazing!

2. Black Forest Organic Gummy Bears or Worms – No artificial flavors and they use real fruit juice


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