10 Things I Love About Breastfeeding

1. The bonding that occurs between my son and I during breastfeeding

2. The laughs and smiles we share while we are in the middle of a feed

3. Nighttime snuggles

4. How his little hand grabs for my shirt and face while he is eating

5. The way he latches on when he is hungry after a nap. He acts like he hasn’t eaten in days and I love that I can give him his nourishment.

6. Looking into his cute little eyes and having him look back at me.

7. Staring at his chubby baby feet as he eats

8. The funny movements and noises he makes after he is finished eating.

9. Watching his mouth. How cute is a sucking baby? So primitive and beautiful.

10. The connection we have formed by breastfeeding for 6 months…and hopefully more!

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